About Aton


World trade marketing are constantly changing, we ATON are in tune with the trends, we keep our clients informed about them and adapt the way we source products in response to these changes. We are also solution based organisation whose business is built on our trading partners continued trust and support.

About Us

ATON is a start up organisation, with business transactions being carried out in Bangalore as well as International, which offers a platform which makes your trading experience faster and easier in varied products namely Equity & Derivatives ,Commodities ,Mutual Funds Services,Fund Management, Depository Services, Bonds and Deposits, Portfolio Management Services & Currency Derivatives .

Why Trading

ATON analysis trading significant contribution to overall revenue generation, trading continues to remain the most attractive stream of business among global investment banks. As stricter regulations come into effect every day, trading business and revenues are bound to take a hit, going forward, trading firms and respective trading divisions within large global banks will have to take innovative approach to maintain their lead in trading.

Purpose : The purpose of a stock market is to facilitate the exchange of securities between buyers and sellers, reducing the risks of investing, and keeping it more simple and convenient.