Depositary Services

Depositary is an organisation which holds your securities in electronics (also known as book entry) form, in the same manner as bank holds your money. Future, depositary also transfers yours securities without actually handling securities, in the same day as a bank transfers funds actually without cash handling.

  • ATON advices on the benefits of Depositary Services.
  • No danger of loss of share certificates senses the shares are credited to your account.
  • No possibilities of bad deliveries.
  • Elimination of all rise associated with physical certificates such as loss theft forgery and mutilation etc.
  • No need to affix share transfer stamp as it is a paperless trading.
  • No postal or courier chargers.
  • Less brokerage charges.
  • After the settlement, pay in and pay out are the same day for paperless trading which means you get your securities and cash immediately.
  • Script less trading helps allocate corporate benefits faster.
  • Facilitates pledging and hypothecation of your securities.
  • Eliminates the problems of odd lot shares.
  • Facility to lock your account if you're abroad.