Managing Expectation

Managing client expectation and meeting their needs are top most priority of oput company. Its almost like targeting a bulls eye.we follow certain simple steps to go with the smooth follow :-

1. Basic rule to Educate:

As a financial planner or advisor, the first step before any type of investment is made is to educate the client. This is especially true when the client has had little exposure to investing. In fact, some clients may seek your services after they've heard of friends or family members reaping huge profits from a certain stock or other investment. Unfortunately, this type of client may not be aware of the risks involved, or the odds that are against them, in order to realize the same kind of gain.

2. Run a survey

Of course, things change over the course of time. So, ATON periodically conduts the of the well the market survey which helps the company to built up a good rapport with the client for the smooth flow of the transactions

3. Establish detailed procedures

ATON tries to understand the clients and works on details by creating written procedures that explicitly spell out our expectations -- and, by proxy, of clients'. Clearly articulate the procedures that make it much less likely that our firm will fail to deliver on a promise when someone other than is personally responsible for taking action.

4. Measure and manage

ATON trains the staff who are involved in actually improving the standard procedures, becoming more fluent in carrying them out.Meeting expectations builds trust of client loyalty. Being deliberate in uncovering expectations and creating systems for fulfilling them is the surest way to consistently delivering satisfaction.

5. Keep a Proper Perspective

One of the hardest facts to explain to clients whose expectations are not met is that investment performance is almost always relative. ATON tries the best to keep the clients happy by comparing the performance to overall market view. If a client's assets have grown 5% in a year, the client may not feel like he or she is getting much growth - until you point out that the benchmark indexes had dropped by 5% that same year.

What If a Client's Portfolio Is Performing Poorly?

In such case ATON Matches the client's investment performance with the goals that he or she gave at the beginning of your relationship. If the portfolio is growing at a sufficient rate to achieve those goals, then external market performance is, for all practical purposes, irrelevant.

Managing Other Expectations

There are other areas of service where clients can demand too much. For example, clients who feel uneasy about their investment performance may call you several times a day to see whether their holdings are up or down. Furthermore, they may get upset if you don't answer their calls personally or call them back immediately. In such situations ATON set appropriate boundaries with our clients regarding both the type and level of services that we will provide them, and then stick to them. No matter how client are compensated, the fees that we charge our clients are a measure of computed value. Despite this, many clients either expect something for nothing, or are not aware of the benefits we provide through research, profiling and portfolio design. This issue will almost inevitably arise with those who shop for an advisor based on price alone.

Future plans of ATON

ATON believes in saying :- Expansion.That is the idea the novelist must cling to. Not completion. Not rounding off, but opening out. Our receiving expands with our gratitude.By Bryant mcgill, Although international trade has been in existence for centuries, trade finance developed as a means of facilitating it further. The widespread use of trade finance is one of the factors that have contributed to the enormous growth of international trade in recent decades.